Art For Art’s Sake


Defining art is difficult, especially when, to some, this picture is art. What makes art more confusing is that sometimes it’s the short nickname for Arthur. There are some who even claim that art is anything that is evoking. By this definition, art could be a hamburger through the eyes of a starving family.

The blank canvas stared back at the uninspired artist. Not satisfied with the lack of results, it began to speak. “Yo bro, stop thinking so fucking much.”

Pablo Mee nearly choked on a chicken salad sandwich purchased from a vending machine. He was completely surprised by the voice of what was usually inanimate and silent. He tried to clear his throat passage by performing the Heimlich maneuver on himself. Squeezing and pumping his mid-section while hugging himself. His face turned bright red, his teary eyes bugging out, until finally, he exorcised the barely chewed gunk.

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