“Oh Sherrie, Somebody I Used To Know, Feeling Good In Boogie Wonderland” by NINA SIMONE & EARTH WIND & FIRE (FEATURING THE EMOTIONS) & STEVE PERRY Vs. GOTYE FEATURING KIMBRA

Perry - Gotye - Simone - EWF
Depending on who you are, or what side of the fence you are, or whatever else that makes us different, the following is either a mash up, an aural montage, a medley, random sounds not found on Spotify® nor Itunes®, a collective of songs in the same key, and so many other terms.

Since it is currently 2019, the more appropriate classification would be what? Yeah! By the way, yeah should be pronounced as if it has three syllables.

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“Careless Whisper From Somebody I Used To Know” by GOTYE FEATURING KIMBRA Vs. WHAM

Gotye - Wham
It is Sunday morning and I don’t want to be one of those preaching assholes, but here we go. Let us all turn to the book of James Brown 2:14. “Fellas, I’m ready to get up and do my thing. I wanna get into it, man, you know, like a, like a sex machine, man, movin’, doin’ it, you know. Can I count it off?”

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