“S & M P.I.M.P. Clint Eastwood Wants To Know What Superstition Is” by GORILLAZ & FOREIGNER & STEVIE WONDER & RIHANNA Vs. 50 CENT

If this was a battle royale instead of a mash up, I’m pretty sure 50 Cent would win. He is the Chuck Norris of hip hop.

And now a mash up.
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Good Luck Harm


According to North Korean lore, you are considered fortunate if you can afford a bowl of clean rice.

Horatio gallantly put the dirty horseshoe in the front pocket of his overalls. He needed all the luck he could muster if he was going to get that job. Upon thinking of his tremendous upper hand, he felt a sharp twinge of pain in the upper part of his heart. Being a worldly man, he recognized the specific ache. It was empathy and conscience. It was apparent that if he obtained employment by using luck, it would be unfair, and consequently, he would not be able to live with himself.

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