“Just Like Tears In Heaven” by THE CURE Vs. ERIC CLAPTON

Clapton - Cure
Oddly, this mash up came to me in a dream. Let it be known, I am not a fan of post-Derek & The Dominos Eric Clapton, yet I dreamt that I had made a mash up using my least favorite song, “Tears In Heaven”. All I think about is the joke: What’s the difference between Eric Clapton’s son and a bag of cocaine? Eric Clapton wouldn’t let a bag of cocaine fall out the window.

And for good measure: What does Eric Clapton have in common with a cup of coffee? They both suck without cream.

And now a mash up.

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“Sunday Morning Lovesong” by MAROON 5 Vs. THE CURE

Cure - Maroon
When making mash ups, I often think about the implications of the two artists battling it out to the death. Most of the outcomes are obvious (Van Halen would annihilate the Jackson 5), but the idea of Maroon 5 fighting The Cure is an interesting match. There are so many things to consider in order to determine a winner here: senility, street smarts, tightness of pants, endurance, gothiness, star factor, brass knuckles, production, always the production, demographics, racial inequality, battle experience and sassiness.

Ultimately, it would end in a tie, with no man left standing.

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“Stir It Up Just Like Heaven” by THE CURE Vs. BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS

Cure - Marley
In 1981, we lost reggae superstar, Bob Marley, to the dreaded melanoma. Two years before Marley’s death, The Cure hit the music scene with the release of Three Imaginary Boys. If I was a rabid conspiracy theorist (which I am), I would find the thread that makes this truly insidious. Until then, enjoy some emo-reggae.

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