“Tiny Dancer Piano Man” by ELTON JOHN Vs. BILLY JOEL

Joel - John
Current president of the United States, Dumpy Donald Trump complimented North Korean dictator, son of Kim Jung-Il, Kim Jung-Un with the following words: “Great personality and very smart—good combination…I learned that he’s a very talented man. I also learned that he loves his country very much… a worthy negotiator … a very worthy, very smart negotiator.”

As far as I can tell, Kim Jung-Un has said nothing about our disgustingly overweight loud mouth excuse of a leader.

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“A Quiet Tear For A Rocket Man [Una Lagrima Quieta Para Un Hombre Cohete] by ELTON JOHN Vs. HERB ALPERT & THE TIJUANA BRASS

Alpert John
To say my Spanish is atrocious is like saying the President of the United States, Trump, is greedy, in that there is a definite shred of truth, yet unnecessary to state out loud. Redundancy, as in a waste of breath just to hear the sound of your own stupid voice. 2017 is finally coming to a close, and it is safe to say that history will look back at this time, and pinpoint the exact time America gave up the right to use the word dignity.

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