“Smiling Ghostbusters Sometimes” by RAY PARKER JR. Vs. THE UNDISPUTED TRUTH

Parker - Truth
Autumn is officially here in Chicago. It’s time to think about the cardigan sweater you’ll wear while you change from outside shoes to inside shoes. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

And now a mash up.

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ray parker jr - george michael
There’s a reason people rarely speak of Beethoven’s Fourth Symphony. It is because it’s not that good. It is often referred to as the “MMMBop” of the 19th century.

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“Who You Gonna Call? Encore!” by JAY-Z Vs. RAY PARKER JR.


Here’s something atmospheric, and it’s not the girth of Alfred Hitchcock’s misogyny. (If he were alive today, the press and public would not be kind to him.) It’s a mash up I should have posted on Halloween. Jay-Z meets Ray Parker Jr. with “Who You Gonna Call? Encore!” or grammatically correct, “Who Are You Going To Call? Encore!”.

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