“Godzilla’s Wonderwall” by Oasis Vs Blue Öyster Cult featuring Godzilla

Oasis - BOC
In this post-truth/pre-apocalypse world, one wonders if umlauts will be placed on top of most vowels. If this is the case, how far is the tilde from dominating our consonants? I am most fearful of the acute mark messing up the other vowels. In 1984, when Japanese pop star monster, Godzilla was asked about how these accents might change its life, its response was, “Squeeonk!!” Indeed, squeeonk, indeed.

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(Don’t Fear) The Casbah by THE CLASH VS. BLUE ÖYSTER CULT


It is time to congregate, for this is no time to be divided. Division is for the suckers who don’t know their life is nearly at an end. No, we must unite, very much like the forced congregation of The Clash and Blue Öyster Cult right here, right now in this here mash-up.

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