Commodores - Coldplay
The world is very large with so many different types of people and lifestyles that one can assume that someone out there has just fallen asleep after an exerting day of churchgoing, golfing, and drinking warm beer. Rest assured, this person listened to Coldplay for at least an hour without a hint of shame. This person is the self-professed uncool, Chris Martin. Sad trombone.

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“Easy Like Teen Spirit” by NIRVANA VS. COMMODORES

Nirvana - Commodores

I remember when days actually felt like 24 hours. Not like today, when they seem like 17 to 18. I’m almost sure it’s a conspiracy, where “the man” is taking away hours at a time while we sleep, so it’s easier to mind control us. I also remember when Sunday mornings seemed more purple. I have a feeling that when you’re famous, none of this matters.

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