Trump, Confucius & The Cowardly Lion

Cowardly Trump.jpg

Putting the lying motherfucker back in The Cowardly Lion.

If this were a Carnac the Magnificent joke, (A fictional clairvoyant character from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.) which it is definitely not, the punchline would be: Name three things that don’t know when to shut the fuck up. It’s not funny, but it’s true, which is a lot better than 80% of those Carnac jokes, because I used the word fuck.

It is the saddest time to be an American, so sad, and as depressing as that may be, there is yet an impossible chasm of despair to wade through to correct our eroding civilization. It is time to reinstate true courage into our nation, for when the definition of courage gets convoluted and reorganized by alternative facts™ and ludicrous jingoism, a nation further divides.

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