The Battalion Of Injured Reserve Heroes

Cro-Magnon Man looked upon his peers, 2,000 or so superheroes crammed into a make shift clubhouse, previously a cave. He squinted, which created a furrow across his abnormally large forehead. It was far from attractive. He saw a sea of multi-colored spandex, masks, metals and weaponry. He took a deep breath before calling order. He announced, “It is an honor to stand… before all of you. May you fill with pride… for you are committed… to preserving… the royal order of justice…let us recite our oath.” He bowed his head.


The Canadian Collective in the house… representing. Image Source

As one unified voice, the heroes solemnly swore, “If and when a hero goes down, we are prepared with complete heart and sound mind to replace said hero with 100% commitment. If necessary, with our lives. Gulp. Justice for all. Amen.”

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