A Glimpse Into The Future, A Glint In His Eye


This is what he wanted his dying vision to be, instead it was an inkblot that definitely looked like his mother having sex with a butterfly.

Seymour Little figured out what was wrong. He was over stimulated. Slowly, yet surely, his mind was being systematically blown apart. His sight grew wonky, inundated with oncoming flashes of brilliant light, best described psychedelic, pulsating like a cartoon migraine headache. He tried to scream. He could not. If there was a top ten list for best ways to die, suffocation might and should be on it.

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Whatever Will Be


Be very nice to this dude, Jussie Smollett, he is going to be your boss one day.

I see a very frightening future. Yes, it is definitely an extension of the frightening present we are currently muddling through at a breakneck pace. It’s all the media outlets spinning the news cycle as hard as it can, like an overzealous Wheel Of Fortune® contestant. It’s all of these occurrences that have never happened before; the odd severe weather patterns, the stretching of democracy, and all those damn reality shows. This is the eerie future I foresee.

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