The Birds And Obese


Butterflies are fortunate in being beautiful, because aside from that, they are useless ignoramuses. A species that serves absolutely no purpose. They are the equivalent to hardened snot on a door handle. Interesting at first, then disturbing.

He could not bear to open his eyes while he ate his lunch. Technically, this was his post-breakfast, appetizer to lunch. With his eyes closed, he took a huge bite from a bacon cheeseburger. All his senses were heightened. The smell of charred beef, so blissfully right. The sound of meat surrendering to his gnashing teeth. The taste, oh dear Lord, the sweet sweet taste. The sensual slow drip of the grease past his wrist, and down his arm, inching towards his elbow. If he had concentrated a little more with his sense of touch, he would have felt the constricting of his arteries near his heart.

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