Around Town With Reginald The Cat®


Around Town-Reginald.jpg

“Today they go for your guns, tomorrow, your karate instructors.”             Illustration by ©1992 Jay Lynch

Hola, furless ones, but not you, DANNY DEVITO, for you are both the opposite of furless and one. To be clear, I’m saying you’re pretty heavy for your height. It’s been a spell since we last spoke. It’s good to see you’re still fucking idiots. Before you accuse me of being a humanist pig, you need to seriously look at your pathetic flabby hypocrite ass in the mirror. Really. One would think that a species that is capable of opening cans of food, or tossing a milk carton plastic ring, or cleaning hardened-clumped up excrement would achieve greater things. For God’s sake, you have thumbs. You are under achieving.

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