To Circus With Love

Clown With a Gun

Norman Saunders’ prophetic portrait of an inevitable future.

Next to swinging on the trapeze, Olga loved nothing more than setting fire to human flesh. Equal in passion, Bonky loved to shoot people dead. Today would prove to be their lucky day.

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So You Wanna Be A Clown


Clowning around is serious business, and a reasonable way to hide extra weight. Ask Plummet The Clown aka Obesity Clownicus III.

More important than actually being funny, one needs a good clown name. When choosing a name, it is important to think two to five years ahead. Keep in mind, what’s funny today may not be so in the future. Without a funny name, you are the worst type of clown. We can go further and say you’re the worst type of human being. After all, who goes around dressing up all freaky deaky and has a clown name like Mansun or Trump Jr.? I rest my case.

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Another Day In Clown Town

Ohno The Clown

There is nothing scarier than a clown during self evaluation. Image Source

He looked at himself hard and sternly in the mirror before applying a clump of white make up to his face. Ohno The Clown was on top of his game. So much so, for the first time in the nine years of working with Cockamamie Circus Group, he did not smell the elephant manure, hay and grease paint that usually sickened him. Things were finally looking up for Ohno.

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