She Blinded Me With Science

Astrophysicist, Dr. Spé C. Hedd, paused. She nervously tapped her report on the podium. She looked at us, the science council, and we looked back. She cleared her throat as if to conclude her grave answer. Instead, she repeated herself. “Long ago, our instruments showed us that our solar system is only an atom in a greater universe! Our sun and its circling planets are to some larger cosmos merely the nucleus and electrons of a single atom.”*

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Science Science, Everywhere A Science


IMHO, meditation, meh-ditation. In conclusion, eat me, meditation, eat me.

Just as a manual for better living prescribed, Joan Lung closed her eyes for as long as she could. With each deep inhale, she slowed down her heartbeat, and with each exhale, she ridded her body of persistent stress. In theory, like antibiotics remove bacteria or Lipitor® lowers cholesterol, it was sensible. Then again, modern medicine is more about liberal marketing propaganda than curing, so it’s actually dumbed down for the masses.

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Science Damn!


In the medieval age of baseball, it was not uncommon for players to lose a limb or two, sometimes three.

My baseball career was cut short when I got beaned in the head running to first base. Before you judge me as some sort of prim panty-waisted asshole, this was a time before we wore helmets, and the baseball was made of solid iron, many years before they were hollowed out.

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I’m A Dog Person Is Something You Will Never Hear Me Say

Chinese Dog Market

If it dies like a duck and hangs like a duck, it must be edible.

I have become invisible to dogs. I think it’s because I’m Korean. I would like to be clear. I am not saying all dogs are racists, though most of them are. Thus the stereotype! Then again, I am not not saying they’re racists.

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