Time Is An Asshole


A stitch in time, time flies, time is like a river, time and time again, time heals, fuck you time, fuck you, you lousy fuck!

Let me make myself perfectly clear, time is not a racist and does not give two shits about you, whether you’re black, white, yellow, brown, red, or any combination thereof. Time will beat the living shit out of you and you can’t do anything about it. It just marches forward in calculated goose steps, never looking back. It will always disregard the courtesy of leave no man behind. If time shows prejudice to anyone, it is the elderly.

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Barbra Streisand In “A Clone Again (Unnaturally)


Two are clones, and the other two are something else. Source

A happy birthday shout out to Barbra Streisand. Congratulations on being 77 years young. For those of you who don’t have moms, Barbra Streisand is an EGOT recipient celebrity (Not to be confused with energy, growth, opportunity and talent.). If you are anything like me, you may have fallen asleep to one of her performances. Another personal side note, I must admit that I like the song, “Woman In Love” written by Barry Gibb.

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Got Your Nothe


Sign language for I am a moronic dope.

It has come to my attention that kids say the darnedest things, but more often than not, the kids don’t know when to shut the fuck up. But, it should go without saying, use your responsible adult ear filters and listen to your child when necessary. Especially when they say, “Get off me. I’m suffocating.” Or “Don’t leave me in this hot car.” Or “My left arm is going numb.”

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What’s Up With Mitch McConnell?

jimmy olsen turtle

A comic book story based on Mitch McConnell’s years as a reckless teenager. Notice that Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen is actually an anagram of Mitch McConnell.

With the pending approval of Judge Brett Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court, the pundits have been bandying about how this could boost the Mitch McConnell legacy. Let’s face it, he needs this, otherwise, he goes down in the history books as the guy who was neither man nor turtle. But, if the Kav goes through, McConnell will be known as the Senator Majority Leader who seated two overly conservative judges. One who loves beer and another known only by the name of Gorsuch.

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